We won’t bury the irony.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, Juror #100* in the impeachment trial against President Trump, insisted on day one that House Democrats prosecuting the case will keep fast to the importance of “holding this trial in the light of day.”

Democrats then proceeded to pettifog their case for 13 hours over a two-day period, of which less than five hours occurred during the light of day.

Our national nightmare had begun. 

In other highlights, impeachment manager Jason Crow of Colorado spent most of his time talking about himself, before insisting the Senate subpoena documents from the office of budget numbers and paper shuffling, in the hopes accountants could provide a shred of evidence in the plot Democrats have yet to prove in their search for a crime. 

The only interesting moment came when Bennet jumped on top of his desk just before midnight in a boredom-induced rage, recused himself as a juror citing his presidential campaign as a conflict of interest, and began swinging on vines from desk to desk wearing nothing but a red loincloth and a Chiefs football jersey … and that’s when we woke up screaming.

It wasn’t just the nightmarish sight of Bennet’s blindingly white chicken legs that gave us night terrors, but the realization of who this impeachment trial will truly benefit — Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden.

While Biden’s real competition for the nomination are tied up in an impeachment trial over the next five weeks — U.S. Sens. Sanders, Warren, Klobuchar and Booker are unable to campaign for, and will totally miss the first four contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

Now it’s starting to make sense.

*Because Bennet always gets picked last.