Can U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet get more pathetic than continuing to insist he can win the Democratic nomination for president while running in last place?

Why yes, yes he can!

Bennet has stooped to reliving his 15 minutes of fame and hocking cheap merchandise to raise money for said flailing campaign.

It was that time Bennet mocked U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in a floor speech … that time the national media noticed him, remember? 

He waved his arms around and yelled about stuff and felt so popular he decided to run for president?

We really don’t remember it either, but here’s Bennet’s sales pitch:

“It’s been exactly one year since Michael took Ted Cruz to task on the Senate floor for his hypocrisy and obstruction.”

“If you agree we need to end the tyranny of Ted Cruz and the Freedom Caucus and actually make lasting progress for American families, get your very own Ted Cruz crocodile tears water bottle today.”

Bennet is charging $12 for the plastic water bottle with Cruz’s likeness, proclaiming to be a container for his tears. It’s the lamest kitsch, ever.

The plastic bottle is stamped union made in the USA. No word on whether the crude oil required to manufacture the plastic was produced in the USA.