The Durango Herald declares the three Democrats challenging Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton distinguished themselves during a recent forum.

Yet they are all so equally far left, their politics are completely indistinguishable from another.

Former state House Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush, Durango resident Root Routledge and Denver resident James Iacino all say climate change is bad and what to fix it by somehow making it illegal.

They’re all left of liberal running on the political coattails of Bernie Sanders and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Orozco-Cortez.

Obamacare made health care wildly inexpensive yet worthless, so these Democrats want to go a step further and make it completely useless with Medicare for all.

They are campaigning on being kinder to illegal immigrants — no policy proposals, they just think we need to be nicer, and don’t we all?

Mitsch Bush wants this, we’re not sure what it even means:

The federal government should invest fossil fuel subsidies should in environmental cleanups, grants and low-interest loans for renewable energy businesses.

Memo to Mitsch Bush, taxpayers have spent trillions of dollars on windmills and solar panels for more than half a century. 

Instead of “more,” maybe it’s time to change the liberal campaign mantra to “Try something different, for God’s sake!”

Sorry Western Slope Democrats, your choices are all the same in this primary so you might as well vote coolest name, with Root Routledge.