The Colorado Democratic Party has wrapped John Hickenlooper in a security blanket and banned Democrats from engaging or debating him on any topic in the U.S. Senate primary race.

And now we see why; Hick can’t handle the heat. 

We’ve already seen the former governor demand the media come to his defense on charges of ethics violations. 

Now we see that Hickenlooper melts at the first hint of criticism, and resorts to as-yet-undeclared forms of assault.  

Check out this video captured by the ultra-leftwing Sunrise Movement stalking Hickenlooper at the Longmont candidate forum, where once again fellow Democratic candidates were not allowed to challenge Hick on stage.

Sure, this group is annoying as Hell, but Hick starts shushing the guy like an infant before the actual question unfolded.

And yes, Hickenlooper did put his hands on the dude … wait, is dude gender neutral? Asking for a friend.

Anyway, if this Guy/Dude/Person identifies as a She/Her/Hers, does Hickenlooper’s actions constitute as sexual assault as opposed to regular assault?

Does Shhhsing count as verbal assault, yet?

Hickenlooper’s complete lack of self awareness is mesmerizing. 

Isn’t there anyone under the age of baby boomer on Hickenlooper’s campaign staff advising him to stop acting like an entitled white male of the Democratic Party?