Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg will officially open his Denver campaign office this weekend, but we’ve already snagged a peek of the high rent digs at the old Patagonia building on 15th and Blake. 

Obviously the New York billionaire has money to burn and ignited a small bonfire of $100s to rent this space.

What he should be burning is the campaign’s Hail Mary strategy to wait until the primary has been decided before actually launching their campaign to win the primary.

The former New York mayor and billionaire, who is self-funding his campaign, has been ramping up a large operation in Colorado ahead of the state’s March 3 primary on Super Tuesday, the same day as voters in 14 other states and territories cast ballots.

After getting into the race in late November, Bloomberg said he would skip the four state contests that kick off the presidential nomination process in February, and instead bank on states that start voting in March, including Colorado.

In this history of so-called Super Tuesday, we don’t ever recall a candidate losing every early election, only to come from behind on Super Tuesday and win the Democratic primary.

That’s essentially what Bloomberg is trying to accomplish, and his only chance of success is to flat out buy Super Tuesday by dumping a buttload of money.

And that dump truck has already made a delivery at 15th and Blake.