The Denver Post is pimping impeachment manager Jason Crow like the most expensive whore we will never know.

It’s the most shameless piece of crap that passes for journalism these days at the Post.

The sub headline is pure opinion, and ridiculous clickbait to boot.

Experience the shame here.

Spoiler alert: Only one person from Aurora was quoted as being proud of Crow.

The Colorado Democrat had no business, and clearly lacked the prosecutorial skills necessary to be an impeachment manager, as was evidenced by his compulsion to talk mostly about himself and his military experience.

Self-absorbed to the point of appearing ridiculous, the Post tried, and failed miserably, to come to Crow’s rescue with a narrative that claimed it was the Democrat’s ability to talk about his military experience that made him so valuable as a prosecutor. 

Impeachment managers reportedly had enough votes to command even more witnesses be called than the 17 who were good enough to get Trump impeached in the House.

But they lost that vote today, along with any hope for an impeachment conviction next week.

It was probably the only way they could get Crow to shut up.