Dick Wadhams perfectly illustrates the crowning of John Hickenlooper as Miss Congeniality of all the 2020 presidential races and his ascension to Colorado’s U.S. Senate seat in this article published by Complete Colorado.

Spoiler alert: The rules of honorable behavior and fair play have never applied to Hick’s charmed political career.

Ethically challenged John Hickenlooper must be a big disappointment and a source of rising concern to the Washington power brokers who dragged him into the Senate race against U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

Hickenlooper famously declared during his vanity run for president that he was not cut out to be a senator because senators really don’t do anything. Disparaging an office where so many prominent and respected Coloradans of both parties have previously served–such as Gary Hart, Bill Armstrong, Tim Wirth, Hank Brown, Ben Campbell, Wayne Allard, Mark Udall and Ken Salazar–is insulting to their service and their records of accomplishment for Colorado and the nation.

Wadhams questions whether Democratic kingmaker Chuck Schumer and the entire party apparatus inside the Beltway are starting to regret having shoved aside numerous qualified candidates in order to anoint Hick. 

It’s a good column, and worth five minutes of your attention, to read it here: