If Jason Crow was such an awesome impeachment manager, as every Democrat interviewed for these ridiculous profile pieces attest, then how come the Coloradan and his fellow prosecutors botched the impeachment trial, lost swing voters, and failed to get a conviction?

You are dead to us, Colorado Sun.


Because of reporting, like this crap:

For the three weeks Crow served as one of House Democrats’ seven impeachment managers, he used routine to stay on task. “Whenever I’m in a situation where there’s a lot that I can’t control and there’s a lot of uncertainty, I make sure I kind of keep certain things constant as much as I can,” he said.

That meant daily workouts, a morning breakfast burrito and chicken Caesar salad for lunch, and, perhaps most importantly, “Jason’s chillin’ playlist” to help him get through hours of trial prep.

Crow readied himself for the trial to a soundtrack that included the Doobie Brothers, Journey, Foreigner and Billy Joel. “‘Keeping the Faith’ is one of my favorite songs,” he said of the Joel classic.

There was a time not too long ago (five minutes) when it was the responsibility of newspapers to act as the historians of our time.

Let the record show that when Crow failed in his efforts to impeach an American president, that he did so after listening to Billy Joel on his chillin’ playlist while eating a  breakfast burrito. 

American political journalism died on Thursday. It was 330 years old.