We’re now taking bets on how much longer we’ll have Michael Bennet’s presidential race to kick around, what with the New Hampshire election just a day away.

This U.S. senator, who allegedly represents Colorado yet hasn’t done a day’s work for the state in God knows how long, has insisted for months this election will be make or break for him. 

All signs point to break, which means we won’t have Bennet to kick around much longer.

We’re giving 2-1 odds Wednesday is our last day. 

The Associated Press reports ever so gently that Bennet is polling at the bottom of most surveys.

“There is the opportunity in New Hampshire, especially after such a muddled result in Iowa, to sort of start the race anew.” Bennet told reporters. “It’s very important, very important to do well in New Hampshire. It’s vital for me.”

Bennet has said he needs to finish third or fourth in the New Hampshire primary to keep advancing, and, right now, the latest polls show him sitting at the bottom of the pack.

So far to the bottom, Real Clean Politics isn’t even reporting Bennet at all in the New Hampshire polls.

Nationally, Bennet’s polling average is 0.8%, just a smidgen above Deval Patrick’s 0.5% and John Delaney’s 0.0%. 

Bennet’s in 10th place in a field of 13.

Bennet’s still getting press attention, but mostly in stories like this that focus on who is losing the race, bigly.

Stay tuned!