Presidential wannabe Michael Bloomberg hired an actor to campaign in Aurora Sunday to portray the former New York City mayor as a climate-battling warrior who will save us from environmental catastrophes of their own worst imaginings.

It was a performance worth an Emmy never won by Sam Waterston for his most famous TV role, which he delivered at the opening of Bloomberg’s Colorado HQ.

Waterston, who played prosecutor Jack McCoy for 16 seasons on “Law & Order,” said he witnessed firsthand “what one public-spirited man could get done, even in a city as big and impossible to manage as New York is,” when Bloomberg ran the city during the latter part of Waterston’s tenure on the NBC drama.

“Mike Bloomberg showed us how it’s done, how a city can prosper and become fairer for everyone, both at the same time,” Waterston said, reading from a prepared speech.

What Waterston’s script failed to mention is Bloomberg’s crowning achievement as mayor from 2002 to 2013 — unprecedented growth to construct a taller skyline, also known as carbon emitting factories.

But it never occurred to any of the woke, progressive, Colorado Democrats who attended that a New York mayor might have actually contributed to their celebrated climate causes, and in a bad way.

All those buildings, and no one thought to even ask?

Of course not.

They were too busy taking #doinkdoink selfies with Waterston to be bothered with their own hypocrisy.

It was enough for them that Waterston claims to be a climate expert and advocate.