Was that a hoax or a joke, cause it sure wasn’t journalism that Kyle Clark of 9News committed during a brief interview he landed with Democratic presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders.

Clark squandered the opportunity by asking this bizarre conspiracy question:

“President Trump has a history of casting doubt on election results that he doesn’t like. He falsely claimed that millions of people voted illegally in 2016. Do you have any concern that he might try to stay in power if he loses in 2020?”

To his credit, Bernie ignored Clark’s stroll down Crazy Lane and took his own detour towards As If Avenue, predicting he would win the presidency and all would be well.

But seriously, if Trump did contest the election results, and those results were still in question nearly three months after election day, the president would not stay in power.

The next in line of succession is the Speaker of the House, which might explain who actually started such a crazy rumor.