Wildlife officials declared on Wednesday Colorado has succeeded in becoming the only state to finally eradicate destructive and dangerous wild pigs.

The invasive species causes billions of dollars in damages annually to crops and pastures nationwide and is blamed for spreading diseases to humans and livestock.

According to Bill Vogrin, Colorado Parks & Wildlife spokesman, good riddance: 

“They out-compete native species for food. They’ll kill them. They’re also dangerous (to humans). I mean, have you ever encountered one? And they’re prolific. They can breed every six months.”

Animal activists announced minutes later their intention to pursue a ballot measure to reintroduce the feral swine to Colorado because they expect to prove through insinuation the pigs are vital for gray wolf habitat … yes, we made up that last part.

Just want to get ahead of the curve because somewhere, a liberal is outraged over the injustices to these dangerously invasive critters and organizing to protect them.