So this is the game.

Environmentalists have commissioned their own study showing the Climate Action Plan put into place by Gov. Polis and the Democratic legislature to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 90% by 2050 won’t work.

Lawmakers and all of us must do more, spend more  — it’s always “more” that can solve all their problems.

Until it doesn’t.

“Meeting these goals will require significant emission reductions across Colorado’s economy including in the electric, transportation, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors,” the report said.

It would have been helpful if the Environmental Defense Fund and Water Resources Advocates told their Democrat lawmaker buddies their plan wouldn’t work before their law was rushed through the legislature a year ago.

Enviros are probably feeling irrelevant now that Polis claims to have the whole climate disaster thing under control with his 2050 plan.

That must be why they’ve come up with even more radical regulations to cripple our economy and cost consumers even more money.

And no one will bother to question whether this next plan will work, or the plan after that.

Because only ignorant, crazy people would dare question whether the government can save the planet from complete destruction if they just keep taxing us and passing more laws to crush industries, which coincidently support Republican candidates.