Gov. Polis managed to squeeze in some time between his regular duties of bashing Republicans in order to suck up to President Trump as soon as Air Force One hit the tarmac in Colorado Springs on Thursday.

Polis was escorted onto the plane, where he reportedly urged President Trump to make Colorado Space Command’s permanent home.

It’s funny when liberals get all high and mighty insisting Trump doesn’t know how to be diplomatic.

Yet Democrats seem to think it’s okay for them to totally trash a person’s character and then demand favors.

Luckily for Colorado, our Republican delegation including U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner has been lobbying Trump for months to choose Colorado over Alabama and Florida. 

Nonetheless, it was very diplomatic of Trump to honor Polis with the invitation to board Air Force One to discuss the issue personally.

Judging from comments by Trump and Gardner, Colorado’s chances of landing Space Command were already very strong.