Democrats in the legislature admit their plans are failing and supporters are bailing on efforts to expand the nanny state government and collect billions in taxpayer dollars so some workers can have paid family leave.

We support family leave and think it’s great when businesses go the extra mile to provide paid leave as an incentive.

What we don’t support is the creation of a whole new state agency, collection of billions in funding from our paychecks, and giving bureaucrats the power over our own boss to decide if our parents are sick, a spouse is pregnant, or we have cancer.

But that’s not why Democrats are abandoning the measure, which has thankfully stalled. 

Gov. Polis didn’t like the so-called social insurance, so the bill was rewritten to allow private insurance companies to operate such a program with businesses. 

But some socialists STRIKE Democrats don’t want private companies to profit. They want taxpayers to foot the billions instead.

The sponsors had planned to introduce the rewritten bill this week. It’s now unclear whether it will ever see the light of day. Democrats hold a 19-16 majority in the Senate, and with Republicans solidly opposed to the idea, the sponsors can’t afford a splintering in their ranks.

“It’s on the verge of falling apart, but I think they’re going to keep working on it,” said Sen. Dominick Moreno, D-Commerce City, who wasn’t among the sponsors.

Leave it to Democrats to take a perfectly good idea like family leave, and apply billions of dollars and tons of government red tape until it can no longer properly function.