Nearly 288,000 early ballots were already cast by Democrat voters as of last week, and then this happened:

Mayor Pete Buttigieg joined the ranks of 22 former Democratic presidential hopefuls and quit the race. 

His political career was eight years old.

The Indiana Democrat’s campaign for president is survived by Crazy Uncle Joe Biden, Socialist-in-Chief Bernie Sanders, Billionaire Mike Bloomberg, Indian-in-Chief Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar who doesn’t have enough personality to warrant a nickname, and that U.S. Rep. from Hawaii.

Magellan polling showed Buttigieg had about 12% off support among Democrats here.

So Coloradans who cast ballots early for Buttigieg can kiss their vote goodbye.

If you’ve already marked your ballot but haven’t mailed it, too bad. Throw it away. You will have to go vote in person, instead.

Better hurry and vote for your second favorite candidate before their campaign becomes obsolete, too!