Democrats and the Denver Post are pushing some far-fetched and conflicting talking points on their conclusions that Colorado’s return to the presidential primary system was a success.

The win by Bernie Sanders “delivered big” on promises that Colorado would receive greater relevance in the primary process, the Denver Post reports.

“We have clearly seen the difference a primary makes in terms of more voters participating in the decision — and when more people vote, democracy wins,” Morgan Carroll, the Colorado Democratic Party’s chair, said Wednesday.

That’s great and all, except all the focus was on California and Texas, not Colorado. 

Plus, more voters didn’t change anything. Sanders won Colorado in 2016 before SuperDelegates bigfooted their choice and handed it to Hillary Clinton. 

Sanders won again in 2020.

More voters equaled the same results, only this time, America will rain all over Colorado’s choice and chose the other guy.

The Post also touted all those candidates who campaigned in Colorado as a primary process win.

The 2016 candidates also campaigned in Colorado.

This time around, Joe Biden did not campaign here, and yet the former Veep is now the frontrunner.

Even Sanders knows his win here was meaningless. 

His head was hanging lower than Eeyore’s tail after Super Tuesday, where he won only three out of 14 states.


There’s our relevance. Colorado Democrats keep backing the same guy who won’t win.

And this despite the endorsements racked up for Biden across the state’s party leaders.

Turns out voters don’t care these bigwigs endorsed Biden: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock; former Denver Mayor Federico Peña; former U.S. Rep. Mark Udall; former U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar; Senate President Leroy Garcia; Senate President Pro Tempore Nancy Todd; State Reps. Tracy Kraft-Tharp, Adrienne Benavidez, and Bri Buentello; Pueblo County Commissioner Chris Wiseman; Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder Gilbert Ortiz; Pueblo Councilman Ray Aguilera; and Grand Junction Councilman Chuck McDaniel.

Keep thinking you’re relevant, kids. 

Thankfully, coo-coo isn’t playing so well in the rest of America.