It was a “decisive victory,” declared the Colorado Sun.

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff “trounced” John Hickenlooper at the weekend Democratic caucuses, echoed Colorado Politics. 

It was a “commanding win,” … but excuses were made by the Denver Post.

Held on an unseasonably warm Saturday and amid worries of a coronavirus outbreak, the low-turnout caucuses were the first occasion for Democrats to choose among their party’s large U.S. Senate candidate field. Rather than choose the front-running Hickenlooper, most instead went with the liberal Romanoff.

Anyway it’s cut, Romanoff won with 55%, followed by Hickenlooper with 30%, Trish Zornio with 7%, Stephany Rose Spaulding pulled 5%, and Erik Underwood showed with 0.2% as of the latest count Sunday night.

Rampant flu fears, sunny weather, and every other imaginable excuse aside for the decisive trouncing of Hickenlooper should the alleged frontrunner and recent failure of a presidential candidate really be concerned?


Not only did active Democrats chose the far-left liberal in the U.S. Senate contest, but they also won the vote for socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders less than a week ago.

How do these results come as a surprise to anyone?

The Colorado Sun’s lead sentence nailed it by declaring the national party’s favorite had been defeated. 

Newsflash, the national party doesn’t vote in Colorado. We’re becoming the state of the far left. 

Hickenlooper has spent the entire campaign locked in a basement dialing for campaign donations assuming all the while he can just skip all the formalities of actually winning his party’s nomination.

Hick better hope the strategy of buying the vote in the primary election works better for him than it did for Tom Steyer or Mike Bloomberg.