Is anyone keeping tabs on the whereabouts of Denver Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca or certain people she engages with on Twitter about how funny it would be to catch the coronavirus and then go to a Republican rally with President Trump?

Here’s why we’re asking.

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee, is one of the most popular Republican events held annually inside the Beltway. In other words, it’s a big ole Republican rally that Trump attends. 

An attendee has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, but that person did not come in contact with Trump or Vice President Pence. 

Several members of Congress who attended the event are under voluntary quarantines. 

It’s not so funny when it actually happens. To sane people, anyway.

Meanwhile, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock along with numerous other officials partially activated their emergency op center Monday.

In the Denver area, two victims of the virus are under quarantine.

No word on whether CdeBaca attended with the mayor.

Perhaps she’s put herself under a voluntary self-quarantine from the public for the duration of the outbreak.

She’s certainly been MIA on Twitter since she “sarcastically” found solidarity with a poster contemplating biological warfare against Republicans.