It’s a delicate balancing act, urging the public to take precautions against an incurable virus without inspiring panic.

The phrase “state of emergency” punches the panic button pretty hard, but Gov. Polis hit it anyway then announced the beginning of actions he will take:

“What it does is it gives us access to resources and more legal flexibility to take steps now to protect the most vulnerable and better contain the outbreak, truly reducing the chances of the trajectory that has occurred in countries like Italy from occurring here in Colorado,” Polis said.

That sounds reassuring, and not scary at all.

(Polis) can restrict the sale of alcohol and guns. He can close public buildings and shut down public events. He can seize medicines from retail and hospital pharmacies. And he can quarantine people or buildings.

Wait, WHAT?

What idiot gave the governor the power to restrict the sale of beer in an emergency? 

Not having beer is an emergency. 

Lysol and hand wipes are for suckers, we’re heading out for the mother of all beer runs.