The World Health Organization has declared a coronavirus pandemic, which means Peggy and Paul Public have begun to panic, hoard toilet paper, blame everything on politicians, and joke about all of it on social media.

If you are an elected official or respected member of the media, this sort of behavior is completely unacceptable. 

Except for the part about blaming others, we’re fairly certain that’s part of your job descriptions.

Social media feeds are now consumed by everything coronavirus: News stories; medical advice from memes; everyone we know whistling past the graveyard and making fun of death.

It’s funny when it’s this:

Meanwhile, this continues to not be funny, clever, sarcastic or cute in the least.

Denver Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca still refuses to apologize for her remarks. She took a break from Twitter hoping the outrage against her would dissipate, but it has not.

She’s either desperate to change the subject, or being a smart ass while testing the Twitter waters with tweets about porta potties to see if it’s safe for her return.

It is not.