We lost count of how many times Gov. Polis mentioned during his press conference Wednesday that Coloradans are losing jobs and need help.

Polis says he knows families are hurting … Well, now he knows, after getting bitch-slapped all over social media for his complete lack of sensitivity to the predicament he’s put people in by shuttering businesses and costing them jobs and the health insurance that came with it.

So in order to make up for this:

Polis is making it a top priority to develop a patch for the state’s unemployment website so it can actually handle the high volume of people he’s COVID-19 put out of work who are trying to file for unemployment benefits.

Until then, the governor advises folks should just “keep trying” to access the website and the state will eventually get its act together.

One would think shutting down the private sector and putting the government in charge of everyone’s welfare would be a wet dream come true for Democrats. 

Isn’t this what they’ve been working towards since the Bolshevik Revolution more than a century ago?

And now they can’t even get everyone on the government dole because the website needs a patch.

Lessons obviously were not learned from the Obamacare website launch, which cost taxpayers $1.7 billion and crashed in the first two hours.

It took nearly two months to knock out most of those bugs.

Most folks can wait that long for health insurance, not so much for a paycheck that’s going to be a third of their income.

And it’s not like they can just rush right out and find another job if their entire industry has been shut down.