Due to the seriousness of the COVD-19 situation and the growing number of self-proclaimed pandemic experts sprouting on social media like shrooms in shit spreading bogus information, we’re canceling our annual April Fool’s story.

We’ve had a lot of fun at our readers’ expense over the years.

But during this delicate time, the public just can’t be trusted to take a joke or a well-crafted prank, except, apparently, for the millions of toilet paper memes proliferating Facebook from bored boomers.

While juvenile political pranks are on an extended sick leave, we need PeakNation’s help now more than ever for snarky political gossip.

So please drop some juicy tidbits to us at [email protected] and as always, we practice total confidentiality.

Especially all you state lawmakers whom we presume are being good citizens and practicing social distancing at home with the family, hit pause on Netflix and give us the dirt!