There’s a fine line between helping people by giving them some free stuff, and turning on a flashing neon light that reads, “Freeloaders welcome!”

Gov. Polis just sprinted across that line and hit the light switch.

Gathering all of his new emergency powers to be our overlord of all things COVID-19, Polis was feeling cute today and told property owners to just forgo all of that rent collection nonsense.

The Democrat requested that landlords refrain from imposing late fees on tenants until at least April 30 and asked that they hold off on evicting people who don’t or can’t pay.

It’s not really a suggestion, because the Colorado Sun reports Polis ordered the state to refuse any resource allocation towards evictions for failure to pay rent.

And, Polis also told local governments not to waste police resources for evictions that don’t affect public safety. 

Polis basically just gave away every landowner’s rental property for at least a month.

And for those of you who haven’t been able to collect rent for several months and were starting the eviction process, good luck with that. 

Polis is starting a bad habit of taking some people’s stuff away in order to give it to other people who’s stuff he’s already taken.

It’s all a pandemic Ponzi scheme that will cause massive economic turmoil and then collapse upon itself and crush us all.

Polis needs to stop robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Unlike a government shutdown, slamming the door on private businesses comes with more consequences than forgoing national park vacation plans.