Gov. Polis is no longer content to be the bringer of doom, gloom and economic instability.

Now he’s brought along his buddy, Grim Reaper, to scare the state into a private-sector shutdown, the likes of which have never been seen in U.S. history.

All non-essential businesses must reduce their workforce by half starting Tuesday morning. 

This government-ordered layoff doesn’t choose who gets to keep their jobs or who must forfeit. The courts will have a field day with those decisions.

In Polis’s announcement, which makes President Trump look like the all-time champion of diplomacy, here’s how Colorado’s Governor of Death delivered his ultimatum:  

He said that while the state was not wielding enforcement authority to keep people at home, there is a more severe enforcement authority that should keep people home for themselves and others: “the Grim Reaper.”

“It is not the threat of you being brought to prison, it is the threat of death,” he said.

So what happens if businesses don’t send half their workers home and don’t die right away? Will Gov. Death then put business owners in prison?

Whoever is writing Gov. Death’s talking points needs to seriously tone down the rhetoric before the boss ends up with a nasty nickname, like Gov. Death.

Gov. Death also needs to seriously chill his gusto for a promotion to be Dictator Death.

He said the alternative is a much bleaker potential course like what Italy is currently experiencing, “having to choose who gets a ventilator, bed and who doesn’t, who lives and who doesn’t.”

“It’s why you need to only shop for groceries once a week and not go out with friends,” Polis said.

Threats of prison, death, or even suggesting Colorado could soon go the way of Italy and choose who lives or dies shows Polis is completely lacking in leadership, or maturity.

If Gov. Death can’t even handle the job of leading us into a kinda-but-not-really quarantine state, we question whether he can push the restart button with a steady hand when the time hopefully comes soon.