John Hickenlooper has already signaled his support for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan to block the bipartisan Coronavirus relief package finally passed by the Senate on Wednesday.

The bill supported by Hickenlooper and Washington Democrats, deceptively titled as Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, includes bailing out the U.S. Postal Service’s existing debt, setting new emissions standards for airlines, a climate change study on the airline industry, required same-day voter registration, government-funded retirement plans for newspapers, corporate board diversity requirements, and the list goes on and on.

In a time when millions of Americans are quarantined inside their homes, out of work, and uncertain of their family’s livelihood, junk like this has no business in this bill and does nothing to provide aid, relief, or economic security. 

Hickenlooper’s blind fealty to Pelosi’s irresponsible liberal agenda tells Coloradans he cares more about woke corporate boardrooms than addressing the most glaring crisis of the 21st century.

As hundreds of thousands of Coloradans file for unemployment and struggle to feed their families, our former governor has made it his priority to promote the back-door partisan tricks that create distrust in Washington politics. 

Hickenlooper’s support of these actions shows us he’s not interested in working for the American people; Hicknelooper just wants to make sure funding from liberal Washington advocacy groups continues to flow into his second lackluster campaign of the 2020 cycle.