The media are having a field day with Gov. Polis’s over-the-top emotional movement this week when he teared up because some people used the “N” word to describe government stay-at-home orders and forced business closings.

That sort of language is almost always inappropriate when used out of context of actual Nazi history.

It’s wrong when it was used by U.S. Rep. Patrick Neville to describe COVID-19 shutdown orders, or when Polis himself used the exact same language accusing another governor of turning Arizona into Nazi “N-word” Germany.

That’s right, check out this story where Polis is guilty of using the “N” word to describe an immigration law signed by then-Gov. Jan Brewer?

The reality here is politicians say stupid shit.

But why is it the media only calls out a Republican for saying stupid shit and never holds Democrats accountable to the same standard for the exact same kind of language?

Kyle Clark from 9News piled on saying stupid shit of his own, using Neville’s remark to make it sound like every Republican in the state was throwing the “N” word at Polis to make him cry.

Now that we know Polis is guilty of using the “N” word to criticize the actions of another governor, will Clark and his buddies in the MSM use it as an excuse to hold all Democrats accountable for Polis’s actions?

We highly doubt it.