John Hickenlooper has blown off 19 candidate forums in the U.S. Senate race so far, and now the old coot has the perfect excuse to keep avoiding debates right up to the finish line.

Hickenlooper is a senior citizen, so he’s one of those at-risk folks who can’t leave the house because of the COVID. 

But that hasn’t stopped Andrew Romanoff from issuing a challenge that Hickenlooper man-up and match-up in at least seven debates before the June 30 Democratic primary.

At the rate Gov. Polis is reopening Colorado for business, we’ll all be under a new “still safer at home” and Hickenlooper will be off the hook.

We can’t wait to hear what creative excuse Hickenlooper will come up with to avoid participating in an online event.

There is literally nothing else for him to do except binge-watch “West Wing” on Netflix, cry in his beer, and lick Cheetos off his cell phone in between dialing for campaign dollars.

Hickenlooper’s tone-deaf spokesman responded to Romanoff’s challenge with this back-handed slap to Coloradans:

“John has been campaigning all across Colorado for the past eight months, holding events in 54 counties already,” said campaign spokesman Ammar Moussa. “He looks forward to meeting with more voters and participating in more forums and debates throughout this campaign.”

Hickenlooper has been campaigning for the U.S. Senate since August and he still hasn’t found time to visit all of Colorado’s 64 counties?

What’s he going to do now, hold a bunch of lame virtual town halls to make up for the fact he thought the mystery 10 counties weren’t worth his time?

We totally bet he does. And even though his campaign claims Hickenlooper looks forward to participating in more forums, they never said it would be with Romanoff.