Mark Zuckerberg has ordered Facebook to remove events that promote protests against stay-at-home measures amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

But what if socialists want to defy stay-at-home orders to launch a massive protest against paying rent, is that okay?

It sure is!

The Saturday protest while Gov. Polis’s order is still in effect is hosted by Denver’s Party for Socialism and Liberation, Abolish ICE Denver, Denver Homeless Out Loud, 9to5 Colorado, We are Colorado, Colorado Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, and Extinction Rebellion Denver.

We will meet up in the Mercury Cafe parking lot (2199 California St.), then drive in a rolling rally to make our demands seen and heard. DECK OUT YOUR CARS – You can put signs on at home or tape them on in the parking lot, but please be sure to wear a mask and keep 6 ft of distance between you and others!

They’re going to social distance their cars, how awesome is that?

After all, COVID-19 is more than a just pandemic, it’s a lifestyle choice that demands free rent, pay without work, no student loan, or other debt.

And if your current dwelling is too small, then what few taxpayers are left with actual jobs should have to provide “safe housing for the millions of people across the country who either do not have homes at all or are trapped in unsanitary and overcrowded conditions of incarceration.”

That’s right, folks are protesting this weekend in Denver, breaking the stay-at-home rule, to demand jails that can’t abide by proper social distancing be emptied. 

And Zuckerberg is cool with this because the event is being publicized on Facebook.

It’s interesting that protestors are demanding free stuff for as long as the pandemic lasts. That could explain why some Democrats are trying to drag out economic shutdowns for as long as possible.