This is confusing.

Does Gov. Polis truly believe we could die if we leave the house today to get a haircut or gather in a restaurant and that’s a great set-up for a joke?

We’re not saying elected officials shouldn’t have a sense of humor, we just question it’s appropriateness, especially from Polis who eared the nickname Gov. Death for consistently using fear of dying as the great motivator to follow his stay-at-home order.

And now he’s whistling past the graveyard? Which, by the way, is our job.

Of course, the meme and Polis’s comments are satire, but it’s really lame satire that comes off as bullying.

Instead, Polis is showing his lack of maturity by using this ridiculous meme to humorlessly make Democrats’ point that humans can’t be trusted not to cluster if they let us have our lives back, and local officials must heed Polis’s order to keep us all quarantined ad infinitum.