Denver Mayor Hancock has extended his March 24 stay-at-home order until April 11 April 30  May 8.

It’s not just about bending the curve anymore or decreasing infections, Hancock says it’s about making COVID our punk.

Something’s getting punked all right, and we think it’s the people of Denver. 

Just as Gov. Polis is ending the state quarantine and admitting a continuation of his stay-at-home order would have a negligible effect, Hancock is keeping Denver on lockdown and announced the city attorney is now crafting a mandate that everyone wears masks.

Hancock demonstrated the negligible effect of wearing a face mask Friday morning as he removed it repeatedly to speak and spit into a microphone shared with other people during a press conference.

Hancock rubbed his hands across the podium, adjusted the mic, scratched his face, and then put the mask back on. 

Never mind that no one preparing meals in restaurants has been wearing masks and neither is hardly anyone we’ve seen delivering food. 

John Hickenlooper, he of the senior citizens at-risk-of-COVID club, was seen strolling the streets this week, he wasn’t wearing a mask either. 

But now Hancock wants us to think COVID is somehow spreading faster because masks are not being worn by dads hauling trash cans to the curve late at night by themselves because there’s never anyone around when the trash needs to be taken out?

That’s right. Hancock says we must now wear a mask to take out the trash, walk the dog, hike down a lonely trail. 

We can’t just carry it in our pocket and put it on for show like Mayor Hancock.