Gov. Polis has decided to let some people go back to work this week as he slowly begins the daunting task of rebuilding our economy he was able to dismantle in the blink of an eye.

But with our new restricted freedoms and limited liberties comes great responsibility to rat out every stranger, family member, and ex-lover for not abiding by the ever-shifting rules in different counties.

Boulder County even has a form for folks to fill out to make snitching easy peasy, and encourages you to tell on your neighbors old Soviet-style! 

If you are concerned that a business or person in Boulder County is violating the Stay at Home Order, please complete this form to share your observations with us. 

If you are concerned that a violation is happening NOW at a SPECIFIC location, please call dispatch at 303-441-4444 to help us provide a timely response. This includes large gatherings/parties at private residences, commercial buildings, or public parks; organized field sports at parks; restaurants with patrons eating inside, or crowds at trailheads. 

Our enforcement team will review information provided and determine if reeducation educational outreach or other enforcement action should be taken.

The Aurora Sentinel is so giddy about Polis’s new Narc Nation, they told us twice in the same article to snitch on businesses.

Polis encouraged Coloradans to be cautious and report any businesses not following local or state guidelines where they apply to notify the state attorney general’s office and the local health department. 

Polis asked citizens to help authorities enforce safety measures by reporting businesses to local health agencies and the attorney general’s office.

Jeffco also had a rat-out-your-neighbor report form online but took it down after the Jefferson County Republican Party outed the form on Facebook.

Here’s what Boulder County’s form looks like. 

We took the liberty of filling in the form with a violation example.