Gov. Polis has extended his edict to block property owners from evicting renters for failing to pay, turning rent-free April into rent-free spring.

In making his announcement Wednesday, Polis declared “I will be renewing it and strengthening it.”

Exactly what he will be strengthening, Polis did not elaborate.

The governor’s March 20 order told the state government to, um, help landlords and property owners find “lawful measures” to avoid evictions — other than the traditional contractural exchange of goods and or services for money.

Automatic letters are still going out to some who are late with the rent, but that doesn’t mean property owners aren’t working with folks who lost their jobs when the government shut down the economy.

And just as landlords are working with their renters, renters who are receiving stimulus checks and padded unemployment benefits should also take a little responsible and meet their obligations before splurging on new cell phones.

All of that back rent money will still be owed come June.