We noted earlier this week business owners are having trouble getting their employees to come back to work as the economy reopens. 

That’s because so many workers are making more money on unemployment checks that are temporarily padded with COVID-19 payments. 

The problem is being compounded by Gov. Polis, who wants to allow workers to stay on unemployment when their jobs reopen if said reemployed workers are afraid of getting sick.

And if workers don’t come back, employers stand to lose federal aid to keep their small businesses afloat.

Now the Greeley Tribune reports the state Labor and Employment Department is aware workers drawing unemployment are refusing to take their jobs back. The agency has had at least 40 complaints of such from employers.

Other than “collecting facts” as to whether the workplace is complying with a myriad of new rules and regulations to keep the workplace coronavirus free, state labor officials don’t appear to be too concerned employers are being forced to pay unemployment to workers they are trying to rehire.

There was no mention in the Tribune article of cutting off the unemployment pay — a disturbing new trend.

Before the pandemic, one had to apply for at least two jobs a week in order to receive unemployment checks.

Under Gov. Polis, it looks like workers can turn down gainful employment twice a week and still collect government checks, while not paying their rent.