Time is running out for Denver folks to procure trendy face masks for their family because if they don’t have one by Wednesday, they’ll essentially be under house arrest until Mayor Hancock says otherwise.

The mask mandate means everyone older than three must wear a face-covering in almost every instance when they leave their house or their own vehicle.

If your four-year-old is caught slipping off the mask to gulp down a juice box in the store, bam! You’re looking at a fine of nearly $1,000. Oh, and if you’re a single parent, good luck finding a babysitter so you can run errands without children.

If you have allergies or asthma that prevent you from wearing a mask, better get a doctor’s excuse.

If masks are itchy and make you scratch your face all the time, which is the exact opposite of what the CDC recommends, stop trying to make sense of the mandate.

If masks fog up your glasses, too bad.

If masks keep sliding up into your eyes, make sure your mask is regularly sanitized.

And speaking of sanitized masks, if you are a germaphobe do not watch this video.

Does the mask mandate rob you of your liberties or freedom? We’ll leave that question to the millions of constitutional experts who now populate Facebook.

If your job or errands require you to come in close contact with people, then it’s just common sense to wear a mask.

But Hancock’s order that Denver residents can’t leave their homes to obtain food and medicine unless they follow his order, which is not what the CDC recommended in this time of pandemic, is inhumane.