Kyle Clark has revealed he doesn’t report the news, he presumes it by divining the purpose behind the actions of elected officials.

We’ll just presume Clark was merely mistaken in his assumption, because seriously dude, it was reported two weeks ago that U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner was a major player in obtaining those tests.


CBS4 even spoke to Ambassador Seoung-Hyun Moon from South Korea, the second-highest-ranking South Korean government official at the embassy in Washington D.C., who said Gardner is the reason Colorado got these tests:

“We received so many requests from around the world, that is why we just particularly focused on state of Colorado because of the close relationship with Senator Gardner.”

So contrary to Kyle’s presumption of fact, Polis was not worried Gardner would get undue credit.

In fact, Polis had already credited Gardner for all his help.

From the Colorado Sun:

And despite the criticism he’s leveled against the Trump administration, Polis has praised the work Gardner has done. ‘He’s been extremely helpful in making introductions for the state of Colorado to suppliers in Vietnam, South Korea,’ Polis said during a virtual town hall. The governor’s office says Gardner was crucial in getting the testing supplies through U.S. Customs, where they got snagged — twice — before the full shipment got to Colorado on Thursday.

Gardner has worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic to get the supplies, resources and financial assistance Coloradans need.

It’s unfortunate that TV journalists like Clark are more interested in partisan hit tweets than giving his followers an accurate accounting of the facts.