Do you feel safer knowing Gov. Polis’s actions to guard the public health during the COVID-19 pandemic are polling so well with voters?

It sure gave us a warm and fuzzy feeling of, WTF?

Not only because we find it kind of repulsive Democrats would poll how pandemic policy is playing politically, they actually put a sneaky spin on some results as well.

Behold how well Polis’s “safer-at-home” policy is polling with everyone, most especially Republicans:


  • 75% Republicans
  • 66% Unaffiliated
  • 63% Democrats

That’s because the “safer-at-home” policy is the one reopening the economy.

Colorado Politics didn’t mention any polling questions asking folks how they felt about the pandemic causing a widespread economic shutdown in March and April or how Polis handled the mess then.

We’re guessing those numbers would not be as high across the board, especially with Republicans.

And how are Polis’s popularity ratings now that he’s no longer death-shaming Coloradans who want to earn money with jobs so they can buy food and pay rent?

  • 71% Approval
  • 19% Disapprove

We think those numbers are a little high and think it’s worth noting several factors to take into consideration.

The poll was conducted by the Colorado-based Democratic firms of Keating Research, OnSight Public Affairs, and Mike Melanson.

It was an online poll of 600 suburbanites from the following locations:

  • 36% 5 Suburban counties
  • 31% El Paso/Pueblo/Larimer/Weld Counties
  • 19% Denver/Boulder Counties
  • 14% Rest of the state

Just so there is no mistaking the politics behind the survey, here’s what one of the pollsters said about their work.

“This is a snapshot in time,” pollster Chris Keating told Colorado Politics. “People in Colorado are so fed up with Trump and his shenanigans and the Lysol and waving his arms and siding with the protesters. They’re just fed up with it. They want good leadership.”

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