Coloradans were hoodwinked this week by some questionable polls purporting to show John Hickenlooper leading Cory Gardner in the November election for U.S. Senate.

One online poll was conducted by the Democrat firms of Keating Research, OnSight Public Affairs, and Mike Melanson.

Most important to note, both Melanson and OnSight have worked on Hickenlooper’s campaigns in the past.  

We’re not saying those important details alone destroy the credibility of the results, because also up for critical examination is the dubious methodology and reliability of online polling. 

A second online poll from Montana State University used marketing data to come up with “likely voters” — hardly a method any serious campaign pollster would ever use to gauge a race. 

Veteran pollster Logan Dobson pointed out a whole slew of other problematic issues.

More from Logan Dobson on the absurdity of the Hickenlooper-backed poll.

This kind of polling is all part of the Democrat Party’s strategy. 

They put out fake polls to try and convince Republicans they have no chance of winning, while at the same time hoping to depress Republican turnout on election day.

You would think after Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, the media would be more skeptical of polls showing Democrats with a lock on the election.