A new text push poll obviously funded by radical greenies is telling participants that it’s not just underlying medical reasons putting people at serious risk if they contract COVID-19.

The poll suggests it’s actually the production of oil, gas, and other fuels that make it likely the virus will kill them.

 A PeakNation™ reader shared with us some of the survey questions on reducing carbon emissions, climate change, and COVID.

The survey asks participants to rate how convincing their wild statements are, clearly indicating their goal to further restrict energy production in the name of coronavirus. 

“A Harvard health study showed that pollution from dirty energy sources directly results in worse health impacts from the coronavirus including higher death rates. By encouraging clean energy, these rules will dramatically reduce air pollution and make Colorado families safer from coronavirus and future pandemics.”

How is it scientists so quickly completed studies to link environmental politics to pandemic prevention before figuring out a treatment or getting a vaccine to market to start saving lives from the actual virus, first?

What next? Wearing face masks eliminates greenhouse gases? 

This would be funny if it weren’t for the fact social media shows us daily how gullible so many readers educated in public schools truly are, and how willing they are to believe personality quizzes, YouTube doctors and that Facebook is really censoring that post you’ve seen at least 713 times this week.