Gov. Jared Polis is abusing his emergency powers by keeping C&C Coffee and Kitchen closed indefinitely, basically stating he will reopen the Castle Rock restaurant when he’s good and ready. 

The governor’s statement about the restaurant allowing dine-in service on Mother’s Day screams of retaliation for defying his closure order, which has dragged on now for at least 50 days.

Restaurants are reopening across the nation, but this operation dared question Polis’s indefinite ban on restaurant dining (until Polis’s pandemic polling tells him otherwise) and had the audacity to try and save their business. 

Restaurants were the first businesses Polis ordered to shut down in early March. Since then, nearly 107,000 Coloradans have been tested for the coronavirus, nearly 20,000 tests were positive and more than 3,600 got so sick they were hospitalized. Sadly, the death certificates for 987 people say COVID-19 is to blame. 

Medical and government officials haven’t told us much about hot spots and where the virus has been spreading rapidly other than hospitals, nursing homes, and jails. But the one fact we know for certain, it wasn’t being spread by dining in closed restaurants.

Here’s the video captured of the renegade restaurant and their customers. 

Polis is treating the business like a child who opened a present before their birthday and the governor is punishing the child by throwing the present into the trash.

Only this isn’t some Made in China Barbie Doll, this business is the livelihood for many people. 

“It’s unfortunate that the owners and the employees of C&C Coffee and Kitchen will have to suffer the economic loss of a prolonged closure when other restaurants across the state are likely opening and welcoming customers,” he said. “It’s really unfortunate that they’ll remain shuttered indefinitely until they can resolve the health hazard.”

Polis said he was upset that employees weren’t wearing PPEs, but what we noticed is the customers who didn’t think it necessary to wear a mask, which makes them all easily identifiable. 

So what next for our new Polis Police State? 

Is the governor going to send the cops out to ticket the customers? Arrest them and put them in jail with the owners?

It’s ironic the cash-strapped owners face fines up to $1,000 or up to a year in jail, especially since jail is one of the few places we’ve been told is a hot spot for the virus.