Gov. Polis went to Washington this week at President Trump’s request to talk about reopening America.

The media focused almost entirely on leading questions to get Polis to trash the president before, during, and after the meeting. 

Yet Polis showed amazing restraint, we should add, allowing for only a few snarky snippets to reaffirm his disdain for the Trumpster.

What caught our ire was Polis’s interview afterward with Fox News on whether Colorado schools will reopen in August.

Polis’s response: Schools will be ready, but parents are not.

“Of course we expect the schools will be opening in the fall, at the same time it’s likely that there could be site-based closures or even district-wide base closures if there’s outbreaks in those areas for a period of weeks,” Polis said.

“So not all parents are going to be ready to send their kids to school. And at the same time, we have to expect that there could be some interruptions in some places if there’s outbreaks,” Polis said.

Au contraire. Parents can’t wait to send their kids back to school this fall and fully expect Polis and local school districts to have a realistic plan in place by then.

It would be accurate to say students aren’t ready to go back, especially those in pre-school, kindergarten and … who are we kidding, all the way through high school, because they can’t or won’t keep a mask on their faces.

Social distancing to them means clumping together with their cliques and not sharing lunch table space with kids they don’t like.

Many parents are ready to send their kids back to school NOW. What they aren’t ready for is the struggle to keep a mask on their 5-year-old’s face so they don’t get kicked out of kindergarten.

Keep the new rules realistic and preventative, not just for show, and we’ll send our kids back to you in droves.