Democrat operatives in Colorado are worried right now because their preferred platform to spread fake news about Republican candidates is going “dark.”

For years, Democrat operatives in Colorado have worked with The Colorado Independent to get hit pieces written about Republican candidates.

Most famously, during the 2014 Senate campaign, The Colorado Independent published a story attacking then-Rep. Cory Gardner for being a hypocrite on Obamacare because he supposedly had two hip replacements, even though that he was a healthy 37 year old.

But this was hardly the first or last time this particular “news” outlet published fake news. And thanks to a new report by, we now know why.

And while it is good news for real journalism that The Colorado Independent is closing, unfortunately their management is taking their “talents” to small, rural newspapers across the state. As The Colorado Independent explains:

“We are, in both the literal and figurative sense, taking our show on the road, reaching out to newsrooms across Colorado to help them report and write stories with statewide impact that they may not have the time, ability or people power to do alone. We’ll be providing training along with that reporting with the shared goal of strengthening local news. Stronger newsrooms mean a better-informed public, and a better-informed public is what these times demand.”

We will be on the lookout for biased journalism from the former editors of The Colorado Independent permeating into local newsrooms across Colorado. After all, just because one liberal fake news site is closing, doesn’t mean the far-left has given up their fight to print fake news about Colorado Republicans.