Thousands of restaurants deemed by Gov. Polis as non-essential and forcibly closed for 72 days were finally permitted by his most royal highness to mostly open on Wednesday.

More than 100 restaurants say they will never reopen.

And then there’s C&C Breakfast & Korean Kitchen, the Castle Rock restaurant still in a government-imposed time-out and shaming by Polis because the owners tried to salvage what’s left of their business and life-savings by opening on Mother’s Day.

Restaurant owners April and Jesse Arellano are now suing Polis, the State of Colorado and health agency, and the Tri-County Health Department.

The Arellanos and lawyer Randy Corporon appeared on Fox and Friends Wednesday and said Polis saw their actions to merely operate their business as an affront to his power.

“Well, the governor singled this particular restaurant out. He held an individual press conference in order to call them out for their lack of belief in science, basically their lack of ethics, and it’s an egregious overuse of his power,” Corporon accused.

This restaurant has become the undisputed poster child of what happens when politicians like Polis wield unrestrained power, yet they are not alone in facing financial ruin.

Restaurants employ around 300,000 workers or 10% of the state’s workforce, according to data from the Colorado Restaurant Association. In a poll taken by that association earlier this month, more than 100 Colorado restaurants reported that under the new guidelines, they will still have to consider closing permanently in less than three months.

The damage by Polis has clearly been done to small businesses statewide that he deemed as non-essential, as many restaurants weigh whether to close the kitchen for good.

Meanwhile, the governor has offered a bizarre new solution for restaurants to get around Polis’s mandate to only operate at 50% capacity:

Yard owners should think twice before following the governor’s suggestion.

Polis has proven he can’t be trusted when it comes to rent obligations, and you could end up with state-mandated squatters on your land.