No more excuses, no more delays John Hickenlooper will go before the state Ethics Commission next week and explain away all of those pesky rules he sidestepped when he was jet-setting across the globe on someone else’s dime.

The commission ruled, after a hearty laugh we presume, that Hickenlooper could not use COVID-19 as an excuse to avoid a virtual hearing via computer on June 4.

As the presumptive frontrunner in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary, Hickenlooper doesn’t want to take any more chances he’ll get bad publicity for the ethical tap dance.

So he seriously asked the panel if he could submit all his answers in writing instead of appearing before a computer screen and answering their questions directly.

Ironically, Hickenlooper’s plea to the commission complained about all the delays in getting to his hearing, while also asking for more delays.

The hearing could have been delayed if those who brought the charges were in agreement for yet another delay.

To no one’s surprise, Frank McNulty with the Public Trust Institute says he will not be joining Hick’s team in asking for yet another delay. 

So unless the commission is forced to hear yet another request by Hick’s team to delay the hearing past his June 30 election date, we will finally get some answers next week as to whether Hick’s questionable travel schemes violated state ethics rules.