State lawmakers split town early Thursday and said they won’t be back in session Friday or Saturday because of the violent protesters who swarmed the Capitol grounds.

The protesters’ message got all muddled by the violence and destruction of property, particularly to the state Capitol. 

By all appearances, they intended to convey that if roving gangs of thugs cause violence and destruction because they’re mad at the police, the police will teargas them.

Lost in the melee was any mourning of the tragic death of a man by the hands of a police officer in Minnesota.

The legislature is already behind on their work because of COVID-19, and now that protestors are ignoring the social distancing and COVID laws with their antics, lawmakers are still too scared to stay in the Capital and do their jobs.

House Speaker KC Becker, D-Boulder, and Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, D-Boulder, confirmed the decision to The Colorado Sun late Thursday.

“It’s best to let there be space and time for the protests to play out,” Becker said in an interview.

The Democrats left town so fast, they forgot to tell us about the big ole pay raise and hefty retirement bump they passed for themselves. 

State Sen. Rob Woodward from Larimer County exposed the Democrats’ actions, pointing out the irony of lawmakers giving themselves raises while hundreds of thousands of Coloradans are now unemployed.