John Hickenlooper’s week couldn’t have started out any worse.

In a unanimous 5-0 decision, the Independent Ethics Commission voted today to subpoena the former Governor to force him to explain to Coloradans why he was jet-setting across the globe on someone else’s dime.

At one point during the hearing, one of the commissioners appeared frustrated with the Hickenlooper camp when he said, “One day, the commission is accused of delaying the hearing; the next day, the same party asks for a continuance in the hearing.”

Being a hypocrite throughout this ethics scandal is nothing new for Team Hick. In trying to cancel the hearing last week, Hickenlooper’s lawyer argued, “the former governor wouldn’t be able to safely meet with his attorney before the hearing.” However, that didn’t stop Hickenlooper from filming a TV commercial with a full production crew for his flailing Senate campaign.

Now, all we have to do is wait and see whether Hickenlooper defies a subpoena and no-shows for his own ethics hearing this Thursday.