While the radical left is fighting on the battlefields of Main Street to “peacefully protest,” — also known in some cities as looting or killing cops in the name of justice — progressive armchair generals have formed a circular firing squad to piss and moan about creating a task force to benefit Joe Biden. 

At the center of the squabble is Denver’s own asshat, David Sirota.

According to Politico, what’s got all the Bernie Bros in such a tiff are reconciliation efforts with Joe Biden, and the creation of the aforementioned task force between Sanders and Biden to solve what protestors deem systemic racism. 

Adding to the controversy, the Biden aides assigned to the Bernie task force are “loathed by some progressives for previously consulting with disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein about a New York Times investigation,” Politico reported.

Sirota’s leftist newsletter charges an annual subscription of $50. 

No word on whether the Sanders camp is actually pursuing charges of theft on Sirota’s email list.