Former Gov. John Hickenlooper violated rules of ethical behavior, notably the gift ban, for jumping aboard a campaign donor’s private jet, and for that time he went to Italy for a “conference.”

So determined the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission late Friday, which also bitch slapped Hickenlooper with a contempt order for defying a subpoena and two court orders to show up at his own hearing Thursday via computer.

So there you have it, Democrats. 

One of your candidates running for the U.S. Senate — John Hickenlooper — is the first politician ever to be unanimously found in contempt by the Ethics Commission. 

Maybe Hallmark makes a card for that, and the party faithful can extend their sympathies to him along with a check to make sure their unethical candidate can represent their values in Washington, D.C. 

Despite his rhetoric decrying the influence of corporate money in politics, Hickenlooper’s senatorial campaign has accepted more than $1 million in corporate donations, along with hundreds of thousands in donations from corporate-backed PACs.

That’s John Hickenlooper, the poster boy of the Democrat Party!