Ballots for the June 30 election — staring candidates in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate — will start hitting mailboxes this week.


Denver health department officials who could care less about the transmission of coronavirus among protestors running amok in Denver the last few weeks are still fighting to shut down the mail distribution center because one case was reported there last month. 

It seems the local health department heard rumors of an outbreak and ordered the Post Office to close until the local yahoos could decide if it was safe enough to keep distributing those stimulus checks from Donald Trump and our election ballots.

David Rupert, spokesman for the USPS western region, said Tuesday the postal service is in an “ongoing dialogue” and is cooperating with the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment. He said the last known case among the center’s roughly 1,800 employees was on May 2, and the facility has implemented social distancing measures.

“There was no outbreak,” he said.


So if health officials could focus on more important areas where a COVID outbreak is likely to occur (among protestors) that would be great. 

When you do finally receive your ballot, here’s some important information to know about the Democratic primary: