John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff went head-to-head last night in a debate moderated by Kyle Clark that aired live on 9News. And even though Clark failed to follow up multiple times and press the candidates on their stances, there were still plenty of tense moments, especially for Hickenlooper who was recently found guilty of violating the state’s Constitution.

During the debate, Hickenlooper pointedly refused to apologize for violating state ethics rules and defying a subpoena to avoid testifying about them, becoming the first person in history to be found in contempt by the Independent Ethics Commission.

Clark summarized Hickenlooper’s response, saying: “Didn’t hear an apology or anything about the fact that you are the first person to be held in contempt by them for refusing a subpoena.”

From there, things only got worse for Hickenlooper when Romanoff called on him to drop out of the race due to his ethics troubles.

Following the debate, Republican National Committee spokesman Kyle Kohli tore into Hickenlooper: “For months, John Hickenlooper told anyone who would listen he would be a terrible Senator. Tonight he showed yet again he wasn’t kidding. As the first Coloradan in history to be held in contempt by the Independent Ethics Commission, Hickenlooper’s refusal to take responsibility for his illegal conduct was downright disgraceful. If he survives this primary, voters will hold him accountable and reelect Cory Gardner this November.”

You can watch the full debate here. There will also be another debate live on CBS4 tonight starting at 6:30pm.